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Why should you use a certified roofer?


Like the rest of the home improvement industry, countless third-party, independent, and unlicensed roofers are eager for business. While some are loyal, honest, and produce quality results, many are exploring how they can scam you out of money and cut as many corners as possible.

Small third-party contractors might be an option if you want to save some money and take a gamble. However, it is possible that when they finish the job, you will find out how long a roof can go without proper shingles firsthand. While many independent roofing businesses are honest, scammers can tarnish their reputations.

Hiring professional roofing contractors goes a long way. They can help protect you from unethical practices and unsatisfactory craftsmanship.

When looking for professional roofing and construction companies, many homeowners fall victim to unlicensed handymen with lower prices and subpar skills. You should be employing certified roofing specialists, here are our top five reasons why:

Better production quality

Roofing companies either provide high-quality training or rigorous certification processes for their roofers, ensuring that every serviceman is qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced. Most reputable roofing organizations will also have workmanship standards with every client.

Additionally, you can report, give feedback, and request specific servicemen if you opt for proper roofing organizations. This way, you can ensure you obtain top-notch service and results.

Almost every reliable roofing organization will also provide a myriad of services ranging from storm damage repair services to roof tarping services. They will also be able to answer any question you may have, such as:

“How often does a roof need to be replaced?”

“How long does it take to re-roof a house?”

“How do I know if my house can support a new roof fixture?”

While hiring low-cost, unlicensed roofing contractors can save you money, you miss out on high-level appraisals and quotes, workmanship insurance, and more. You may also access multi-tiered inspections with certified roof inspectors, detailed quotes, and extensive roof work done to ensure that your roof stays sturdy.

Ethical behavior requires attention to detail, and outstanding roofing organizations will ensure you’re taken care of.

Industry expertise

Today, technology finds its way into every aspect of our homes. It can be difficult to keep up with modern building codes and policies to install solar panels, smart shingles, adaptive skylights, and another 21st-century tech. Roofing organizations and experienced contractors keep pace with the ever-changing industry.

In established or nationally recognized roofing organizations, a large part of getting a roofing license involves passing several tests to prove that the roofer has extensive knowledge of the industry and its products. These certified roofing companies show incredible expertise, insight, and perspective in all of the best roofing practices used in today’s housing climate.

Fully legal contracts and estimates

Money laundering, credit card scams, and illegal wire transfers are all common forms of home improvement scams. Unlicensed contractors won’t prove who they are, and what certifying organization they represent, and in some cases, won’t use insured payment methods.

Scammers have coerced thousands of unsuspecting individuals out of life savings and cash. A licensed roofer will easily provide binding contracts that outline every project facet.

Everything from the project’s time frame, material costs, insurance, warranties, the scope of work, and accommodations will be detailed and covered. You’ll know exactly where money is going with certified professionals before putting any money down.

Sometimes due diligence is all it takes to ensure you aren’t scammed by third-party contractors, unlicensed or inexperienced roofers, or over-charging and potential money launderers.

Legal and liability protection

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of roofing is liability. It can be unnerving to have servicemen potentially risk their lives on top of your house. However, licensed roofing companies make life easier.

Respectable roofing companies always have legal and liability coverage to ensure that all parties are always protected no matter what happens. In addition to insurance on the job and anything that may be damaged, professional roofing businesses give you protection in case things go wrong.

Worker’s compensation, limited liability contracts, and terms and conditions are all ways in which they will prevent anyone from suing you. If a worker gets injured, structural flaw damages another portion of the house, or the roof falls apart. General liability insurance will save you from shelling out a lot of money.

Certifications, qualifications, and peace of mind

We keep mentioning certified professionals. You may be asking, “what is a certified contractor, and how do I know if I have one?”

There are many certifying organizations for roofers, like the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCA) which provides many assessments, licenses, and certifications for every aspect of roofing. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) also offers a myriad of services, assessments, and licenses to ensure its members are well-versed in roofing.

No matter what organization your roofer is certified through, they should always provide documentation if you request. There are countless benefits of having a contractor’s license as well.

Because professional roofers are certified, it is easier to interact, monitor, and communicate with them. Their experience and knowledge allow the roofing process to go smoother, especially if you are in distress or your home is in jeopardy.

Certifications, annual tests, knowledge checks, and quality training are the main factors that drive up costs when working with professional roofers. However, this is a true application of ‘you get what you pay for.’

More often than not, having proper certifications, appropriate legal paperwork, applicable insurance, and industry experience help facilitate consumer peace of mind and comfort when working with certified roofing contractors.

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