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Construction Company versus Handyman

Should you use a professional construction company or should you use an (uninsured) handyman for your home improvement project?

Depending on the home improvement project you are considering, do your research and choose the right people/person for the job. Below is some information that might be helpful when making this decision.

The professional construction company is required to be licensed, bonded, and insured to protect the homeowner. In addition, the professional contractor will have a crew of skilled tradesmen working in your home and completing the project in a more structured and timely manner. Most importantly, the increase you might see in the cost of hiring a professional is the cost of your peace of mind. The professional contractor incurs large costs for these insurances, especially workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation insurance protects the homeowner, should someone get hurt while working on the job. Often, your professional contractor will also act as a General Contractor (GC) for the purposes of hiring subcontractors to handle electrical, plumbing, concrete work, etc. The GC is responsible for coordinating all these different subcontractors for the project and getting it done with a minimum of downtime.

A handyman typically works on small projects within the home and is not required to be licensed or insured to do business. (Some handymen may choose to be insured.) A handyman could be someone working full-time in that capacity or doing so as a second form of income. Usually, the handyman is just one person working in your home. Depending on the scope of the project, a handyman if working alone, would obviously take longer to complete your project and typically would not manage the subcontractors. Another consideration is that without the workers’ compensation insurance it remains to be seen who pays should this person become injured in your home.

When using a professional contractor or an insured handyman, be sure to ask for their Certificates of Insurance, which will prove to you that they are bonded and insured to do business in your home. We have all heard the horror stories of someone who got burned on a home improvement project.

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